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Roger W. Shuy
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As my curriculum vitae demonstrates, my 43 published books and 208 articles demonstrate how minority academic interests have developed and changed over my nearly sixty year career. I began as a linguistic geographer but then moved into the new field of sociolinguistics. At the same time I worked on ways to apply linguistics to the educational areas of teaching oral language and reading, which at that time included my special interest in minority children. Since the decade of 1980s my work has been almost entirely on the interactions of language and law, which remains my primary concern to this day.

I served as a full professor of linguistics for 30 years at Georgetown University, where I founded the sociolinguistics doctoral program and also chaired the department of linguistics for a period. I created a company, Roger W. Shuy, Inc.(1982-2014) that offered consulting services to lawyers to assist them on their law cases that included language evidence in:

  • tape recorded conversations (bribery, solicitation, extortion, fraud, threats)
  • tape recorded speech (slander, fraud)
  • tape recorded interviews (child sex abuse, police interrogations, confessions)
  • written document evidence (reports, contracts, trademarks, testimony, confessions)

During the past 40 years, I have consulted on some 600 cases and testified as a linguistics expert witness 54 times in criminal and civil trials (in 26 states), as well as before the US Senate and US House of Representatives in impeachment trials of US Senators and Federal Judges and in International Criminal Tribunal trials. I have also provided sworn affidavits and depositions in some 75 law cases.

In 2007 when I discontinued my company I affiliated informally with Robert A. Leonard Associates in New York, where I continue to assist on law cases. Inquires about expert services should be made to him directly by phone at 516-477-3834 or by email at

I am happy to respond to questions about forensic linguistics and research in this field at my email address:

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