Shuy Family History
President, Roger W. Shuy, Inc.
Linguistic Services
629 Beverly Avenue
Missoula, Montana 59801
telephone: 406-721-5559
My service as professor of linguistics for 30 years at Georgetown University continues through my company, Roger W. Shuy, Inc., which was incorporated in 1982. This service includes linguistic analysis of:
  • tape recorded conversation (bribery, solicitation, extortion, threats, etc.)
  • tape recorded speeches (slander, fraud, etc.)
  • tape recorded interviews (child sex abuse, police interrogations, confessions, etc.)
  • written documents (reports, proposals, insurance policies, testimony, contracts, confessions, etc.)

Over the past 40 years, I have consulted on some 600 cases and have testified as a linguistics expert witness 54 times in criminal and civil trials (in 26 states), as well as before the US Senate and US House of Representatives in impeachment trials of US Senators and Federal Judges and in International Criminal Tribunal trials. I have also provided sworn affidavits and depositions in some 75 law cases.

Roger W. Shuy, Inc. is now informally affiliated with Dr. Robert A. Leonard of Robert A. Leonard Associates in New York. All inquires about legal services should be made to him directly by phone at 516-477-3834 or by email at

I am happy to respond to any questions you might ask about forensic linguistics and research in this field. Please use my Contact form to do so.

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