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Shuy Family History

For the past twenty years or so I've been trying to piece together the history of
the Shuy family. Like other members of the family, my own memory consists of bits of conversation, childhood visits, and a few old photographs. This booklet is my attempt to piece it all together as a gift to the whole family. I've made a stong effort to contact family members for their input as well. Special thanks go to Pat Winkler (of the Charles Shuy branch), Margaret Veatch (of the Frederick Shuy branch), Victoria Fair (of the Elizabeth Shuy branch), and Dortha Garver(of the Laura Shuy branch), who have been very helpful in this search.

Together, we have come up with the following information which we believe to be the most accurate account of the family from its beginnings in the United States to the present day. However, if you find errors in this history, I would appreciate your letting me know so that the record can be corrected for future generations.

Download Full Family History Document (PDF Format):

DOC  Shuy Family History Document

Roger W. Shuy