Student / Lawyer Resources - Forensic Expert Testimony
Civil Cases In Which Expert Witness Testimony Was Given:

Ackerman et al v. Royal Bank of Pennsylvania
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Court of Common Pleas Civil Action 90-15328
Attorney: James Griffith, Philadelphia
(class action contract dispute)1998

Prestone Products v Warren Distribution
Omaha, Nebraska, 9:CV95-106
Attorney: Bartholomew McLeay, Omaha

Leibow v. Kreeger
Ft. Lauderdale 11th cir. Probate, Civil action file 89-2610
Attorney: William Sherer, Ft. Lauderdale
(attorney malpractice)1992

Rabbi Weis v. Cardinal Glemp
New York City910-CIV. 6879 (RPP) (SDNY)
Attorneys: Kevin Bain, Kevin Hasson Washington D.C.
(litigation procedure)1992

Mitchel Bien v. George Grubbs Enterprises
Ft. Worth, Texas, Tarrant County District Court,No. 348-111259-88
Attorney: Michael Johnson
(emotional distress, fraud, gross
negligence,deceptive trade practice, false imprisonment,violation of human resources code)

ConAgra v. Hormel
Omaha, Nebraska, Civil action file 8:CV 91-119
Attorney: John Alex, Chicago; Hugh Lattimer, D.C.

John J. Boyle and Janet A. Boyle v. Orkin Exterminating
Company Inc.
Ft. Lauderdale, Civil action file 86-22555 CJ
Broward County Florida 17th Judicial Circuit
Attorney: G.Ware Cornell, Fort Lauderdale

Karen Rinehart v. International Playtex
Indianapolis, Indiana, Civil action file IP87-196C
Attorney: Richard D. Schreiber, Indianapolis
(product liability)1988

Quality Inn International v. McDonalds
Baltimore, District Court of Maryland Civil action file PN87 2606
Attorney: Lawrence Hefter, Washington, D.C.
(trademark) 1988

ProForm Inc. v. The Garrett Corporation et al Chicago
Civil action file 81L4209 consolidated
Attorney: John Adler, Chicago
(product liability)1987

Jack R. Anderson, M.D., The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, Plaintiffs v. The Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons, Inc., William E. Huger, M.D. and John A. Rusca, M.D. Civil Action File C-93931 Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia
Attorney: William Maycock, Atlanta
(libel) 1986