Student / Lawyer Resources - Forensic Expert Testimony
Federal Criminal Cases In Which Expert Witness Testimony Was Given:

U.S. v. Brian Lett
District Court of Minnesota
Attorney: Scott F. Tilsen, USPDO (conspiracy to commit fraud) 2001

U.S. v. James Leonard
Eastern District of New York Federal court(Hearing)
Attorney: Ralph Martin, Washington D.C. (narcotics)1994

U.S. v. Paul Campbell
District of Columbia Federal District Court
Attorney: Reita Pendry, Washington, D.C. (narcotics) 1993

U.S. v. Kevin Williams-Davis et al
D.C. Federal District Court, Washington,D.C.
Attorney: Leonard Birdsong, Washington, D.C. (murder) 1992

U.S. v. David Shields and Pasquale DeLeo
Illinois Federal District Court, Chicago
Attorneys: Dan Webb, Steve Molo,Chicago (bribery)1991

US v. Richard Silberman
California Federal District Court, San Diego
Attorneys: James Brosnahan, San Francisco (money laundering) 1990

US v Amancio Alonso
Florida Federal District Court, Miami
Attorney: Jose M. Quinon, Coral Gables (bribery) 1989

US v Gordon Reeves, Doylin Kile, Charles Kerlegon
Louisiana Federal District Court, Lafayette
Attorney: Michael Small, Alexandria, LA (bribery) 1988

US v Alan Blake, Jack Capra et al
Minnesota Federal District Court, Minneapolis
Attorney: Joseph Friedberg, Minneapolis (narcotics) 1987

US v John DeLorean
California Federal District Court, Los Angeles (Hearing)
Attorney: Howard Weitzman, Los Angeles (narcotics) 1984

US v Natale, Malina and Wash
Texas Federal District Court, Dallas
Attorney: Steve Sumner, Dallas (threatening) 1984

US v Henry Ingram and C. Brantley
South Carolina Federal District Court, Columbia
Attorney: James Moss, Beaufort, SC (bribery) 1984

US v. G. Meacham and C. Lozan
Maryland Federal District Court,Baltimore
Attorney: Larry Debus, Phoenix (narcotics) 1983

US v William Page
Oklahoma Federal District Court (Western)
Attorneys: Warren Gotcher, McAlester, Carl Hughes, Oklahoma City
(bribery) 1983

US v T. Coleman and S. Busch
Oklahoma Federal District Court (Northern)
Attorneys: J. Lang, Tulsa, R. Mook, Tulsa (bribery)1983

US v Don Tyner
Oklahoma Federal District Court (Western)
Attorneys: D.C. Thomas, Oklahoma City, S.A. Guiberson, Houston

US v William Musto et al
New Jersey Federal District Court, Newark
Attorneys: Alan Silber, Newark, Joseph Haydon, Newark

US v Gene Stipe and Red Ivy
Oklahoma Federal District Court (Western)
Attorneys: Carl Hughes, Oklahoma City,S.A. Guiberson, Houston
(bribery) 1981

US v John McNown
Nevada Federal District Court, Reno
Attorney: Frederick Pinkerton, Reno (bribery) 1981)

US v John Poli and John McNown
Nevada Federal District Court, Reno
Attorney: Frederick Pinkerton, Reno (bribery) 1981