Student / Lawyer Resources - Forensic Expert Testimony
International Criminal UN Tribunal Cases In Which Expert Witness Testimony Was Given:

The Prosecutor of the Tribunal v. Hassan Ngese
ICTR-9952-T, ICTR-97-27-1
(testimony given April 28-29, 2003 at the Hague)
attorneys: John Floyd (Washington DC), Rene Martel (Montreal) and Nathalie
Leblanc (Montreal)

The Prosecutor of the Tribunal v. Vidoje Blagojevic, Dragan Obrenovic, Draga
Jokic, and Momir Nikolic
ICTY Case Number IT-02-60 PT
(testimony pending)
attorneys: Miodrag Stojanovic (Zagreb), and Cynthia Sinatra (Houston)