Student / Lawyer Resources - Lectures & Workshops for Law Groups

University of Montana Law School lecture, February, 2006

University of Montana Law School lecture, November, 2005

Invited speaker. The Third Annual Institute on Defense of Criminal Cases,
Washington DC, Oct. 15-16, 1982

Invited speaker. D.C. Bar Association, Sept. 29, 1982

Invited speaker. Super-Star Seminar in Criminal Defense Litigation, Atlanta, June 1984.

Invited speaker. Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Nashville, March, 1995.

Invited speaker. Virginia ACLU, Arlington, Virginia, October 5, 1985.

Invited speaker. Dallas County Criminal Bar Association, Dallas, November, 1985.

Invited speaker.  Judge William B. Bryant Inn of Court, Washington DC, February 1991,

Director. Training Program on the Language of Undercover Operations. US Drug Enforcement Agency, Miami, June 1991.

Invited speaker. Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force, Language of Undercover Operations, Osage Beach, Missouri, June, 1992.

Consultant, Washington DC Police Department, Internal Affairs, 1993-94.

Invited speaker. Washington DC Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, May, 1995.

Invited speaker. National Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Washington DC, March 1996.

Consultant, FBI, Unibomber Case and other bomb cases, 1996-99.

Consultant, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, various bomb and threat cases, 1996-98. 

Invited speaker. National Defender Investigator Association. Baltimore, March 2000.

Invited speaker. University of Washington Law School, Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Innocence Project, April, 2000.

Invited speaker. Inns of Court, Portland, Maine, May 2000.

Invited speaker, American Bar Association Institute on White Collar Crime, San Francisco, March 2001.

Invited speaker. University of Tennessee Law School, April 2001.

Invited speaker. University of Montana Law School, April 2002.

Invited speaker. Montana Trial Lawyers, Chico, Montana, February 2003.

Invited speaker. International Trademark Association, Arlington, Virginia, March 2003.

Invited workshop leader. FBI Washington Field Office, Washington DC, March 2003.

Invited speaker. University of Montana Law School Conference on Children and the Law, Missoula, Montana September 24, 2004,

Invited plenary speaker. Conference on Linguistics and Law. John Jay School of Criminal Justice, New York, April 15, 2004.

Invited speaker/participant. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Trademarks. Cambridge University Law School, Cambridge, England, July 4, 2005.